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Hot off the Press: COAM launches its Beekeeping Training Curriculum for women beekeepers in Bamyan

After many months of developing and changing the curriculum, the final draft of the Beekeeping Training Programme- Basic level is published. The BEES team wanted this programme to be a fun learning experience while also teaching the complexities of beekeeping to a high standard.

We had to think differently, most of these women are illiterate and have either never been to school or only until they were 10 years old. The usual lecture style of teaching would simply not work. We tried to make it fun for the women and as interactive and participatory as possible.

Ms. Hadia – Curriculum developer and beekeeping trainer.

The team spent weeks thinking of visual ways to convey the different beekeeping topics. The programme includes interactive worksheets and the participants will create their own beekeeping manual from pictures and symbols, this will then be used as a reference after the course. There is a real incentive to pass the programme assessment, those who pass will be provided with a complete tool box for setting up their own beekeeping business.


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