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Environmental Education

Environmental education and public awareness is an important tool of ECOA conservation efforts. It gives local communities the knowledge, understanding and skills to actively participate in making decisions related to the sustainable management of natural resources.

One of the root causes of environmental degradation and the resulting poverty is the lack of awareness, information, and skills necessary to making appropriate decisions for the sustainable use of natural resources. Environmental education is the process of acquiring the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to ensure sustainability and contribute to quality of life.


Educational downloads

Brochure on Biodiveristy in the Koh-e-Baba Biodiversity Koh-e-Baba Infol

Poster Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 11.07.33 PM

Poster Birds of Koh-e-Baba

Poster Plants of Koh-e-Baba

Poster Environment and Islam