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BEES team meets with the biggest honey producers in Afghanistan

This week COAM met with the Director of Seasons Honey company, one of the biggest honey producing companies in Afghanistan.

Mr. Manzoor Ahmad learnt beekeeping from his father and grandfather and then seven years ago, combined this knowledge with his business experience and built the Seasons Honey Company-  Seasons currently produces over 90,000 kg of honey per year from over 35,000 hives in eight  provinces in Afghanistan.

“There is not enough honey to meet the market demand in Afghanistan”

Manzoor Ahmad

Manzoor has plans to expand his production factory and develop new honey based products.

downloadMilou and Seasons



2 thoughts on “BEES team meets with the biggest honey producers in Afghanistan

  1. Waheedullah Gharanai

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a student of International Business in India and I have a research about the Natural honey of Afghanistan.
    Would you mind if you give some information about the numbers production of Honey in Afghanistan?

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