Ecology and Conservation Organisation of Afghanistan (ECOA)

My Mountains Guesthouse

Stay at My Mountains Guesthouse, Bamyan

ECOA welcomes you to stay at our cozy guesthouse in Bamyan, nestled at the foothills of the Koh-e-Baba ‘Grandfather Mountains’ located just 5 mins from Bamyan airport. The facilities are basic but comfortable with hot showers, 24-hour power and cooked meals on request. Unfortunately, at the moment you can only use mobile data for internet access, but the connectivity is good. We have an established orchard and beehives surrounding the guesthouse where you can help yourself to fruit and honey when it is in season.

My Mountains Guesthouse rooftop offers a magnificent view over the Buddha niches and Hindu-Kush range to the north, the snow-capped Koh-e Baba mountains to the south, Gholghola ancient city to the East and a lush green forest to the west. Where you’re in Bamyan for leisure or for work, the evenings with tea and cookies on the Guesthouse roof is not something you will forget.

All of the revenue collected from the guesthouse goes directly back into ECOA’s projects.

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